We believe that valuable ideas are born at the intersection of different fields, in both the virtual world as well as the real one. In 2010, we opened the first co-working office for the creative communities in Poland – Creative Hub Targowa.


Creative Hub Targowa

Creative Hub Targowa is a professional co-working space, located in
a historic building in the Praga district. It groups an eclectic mix of artists, photographers, architects, digital experts, and designers.

It’s a great place for independent work, but also for exchanging experience and Xenical pills networking. It’s a place where collaboration grows organically.


Professional creatives

A few hundred carefully selected, experienced professional creators: graphic designers, film makers, copywriters and others form a unique agency, Creative Hub Group.

Our community of professionals groups together carefully selected graphic designers, film makers, copywriters, new media specialists and talented artists, all with international experience. This large and diverse team is coordinated by our creative director, Michał Slezkin. The mobile structure of our team allows us to create advertising campaigns, internet websites, mobile apps, produce films and more.


Talented enthusiasts

An open community of over 27 000 creative, perceptive and sensitive individuals who createan authentic and credible brand message.

Our Purchase Retin-A without prescription community of creators is united by their passion. Creative amateurs of film, photography, graphic design, music, and copy help brands get closer to the consumers. Their message is most often original, authentic, and genuine; that’s why it resonates with the end-users.


Custom communities: consumers, citizens, employees

We specialize in building communities grouped around an idea,
a brand, a business field, or a product.

Creative Hub Akademia

We organize a series of lectures dedicated to inspire, connect like-minded people and stimulate discussions around creative industries. From advertising, through design to art – we believe that the best creative ideas are born at the intersection of various fields. We invite speakers from diffrent markets to share their experiences and provoke though- and trend-sharing.